Salman Khan's philanthropic deed: Being Human
25th July 2007 17.52 IST
By ApunKaChoice

Bollywood star Salman Khan is setting up a charitable organization called `Being Human'.

Despite the privileged life that he leads, Salman has not forgotten the neglected sections of society. He is particularly very passionate about helping the poor, neglected and underprivileged children.

For this very purpose, Salman is beginning a non-profit, charitable
organization called `Being Human'.

Salman says the money for `Being Human' will come from his personal
resources, which includes money raised from his public appearances, shows and from the sale of his paintings.

In fact, Salman's paintings can fetch a very good amount for this
organization since he has been painting regularly of late.

The actor says he will no longer gift his paintings to his friends.
Rather, he will hold an exhibition for the sale of his paintings.

Selling the paintings, Salman says, would be hard for him because he
has become emotionally attached to many of them. But for the sake of
upliftment of underprivileged children, he is willing to make a sacrifice.