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Salman Khan - The eternal lover boy of Hindi cinema (29th December 2007)
Super Salman Mania (27th December 2007)
Happy Birthday Salman! (27th December 2007)
Salman's style mantra (27th December 2007)
Salman gets waxed fully clothed at Madame Tussauds (24th December 2007) video
Salman 'sized up' for display at Madame Tussaud's (20th December 2007) video
Salman statue to be unveiled on Jan 15 (20th December 2007)
Salman sketches his co star! (19th December 2007)
Salman Khan to unveil his wax figure (18th December 2007) video
Anil Kapoor has a problem with Salman Khan! (14th December 2007)
Ma-gnificent! (10th December 2007)
Pen Drive (9th December 2007)
Sexy actors live it up behind the scenes (7th December 2007)
Sweatin’ it out with Sallu (3rd December 2007)
There is a game being played here... (23rd November 2007)
Reality Check (23rd November 2007)
Arvind Kala: Hunted by lawless laws (23rd November 2007)
Khan ke kaan (23rd November 2007)
'Salman's a perfectionist' (21st November 2007)
Art attack on the sets (18th November 2007)
‘‘If I’d done Baazigar, there would be no Mannat’’ (16th November 2007)
Mr. Good Deeds (16th November 2007)
Sallu-Abhi’s secret visits (13th November 2007)
Koffee with Khan (3rd November 2007)
Hang on, till I change! (3rd November 2007)
Salman:Not Hindu nor Muslim (3rd November 2007)
A boney fide filmmaker? (1st November 2007)
Zip, zap, vroom (October 30th 2007)
Salman talks about celeb kids (October 28th 2007)
Subhash Ghai Got the Best Present On His Anniversary (October 27th 2007)
Madame Tussauds to unveil Salman Khan statue in 2008 (October 26th 2007)
Salman gifts painting to Ghai on anniversary (October 25th 2007)
Salman-Hrithik at Ghai's bash for Black and White (October 25th 2007)
Sexy Mahek catches Salman Khan’s attention! (October 25th 2007)
And the winner is…. Salman Khan! (October 24th 2007)
Salman: Following Shah Rukh Khan's footsteps (October 23rd 2007)
Life in jail was scary, it was like hell, says Salman Khan (October 22nd 2007)
Knight-in-gale (20th October 2007)
Salman, the new Tarzan! (20th October 2007)
Sallu's deal to die for! (18th October 2007)
Salman's Eid bash (15th October 2007)
Salman Khan spends a fun filled Eid at home with family (15th October 2007)
Salman Khan’s Eid plan! (14th October 2007)
Yeh khandaani Eid hai (14th October 2007)
Salman Khan gets arty (13th October 2007)
Katharsis on the sets! (12th October 2007)
The Bollywood Ab-crunchers (9th October 2007)
Salman has a change of heart (8th October 2007)
Salman in Aamir Khan's father's film (27th September 2007)
Ladakh monks take Sallu for a ride! (22nd September 2007)
MEMOIRS OF ANOTHER DAY (21st September 2007)
Salman & Sonu attend Ganpati pooja (20th September 2007)
Salman Khan celebrates Ganesh mahotsav (17th September 2007)
"I gave SRK my six-packs" (16th September 2007)
Salman is mentoring Arjun now (15th September 2007)
Exclusive: ‘Sexiest Bollywood Heroes' ! (12th September 2007)
Which actor has the best body? (10th September 2007)
AB, Sallu pitch in to save poet (5th September 2007)
"Salman is being targeted" (25th August 2007) video
Helpful Salman! (23rd August 2007)
Salman is suffering because of his celebrity status: Salim (21st August 2007)
Salman's a traditional guy! (20th August 2007)
Vote for Salman to be at Madame Tassauds (13th August 2007)
Style Bhai: Salman! (13th August 2007)
Rajiv Gandhi awards presented to achievers (12th August 2007)
Salman, Kapil, Sunita Williams presented Rajiv Awards (12th August 2007)
Why Salman doesn't hide from fans (12th August 2007)
"Salman paying price for fame" (11th August 2007)
Sallu, Dhawan in pow-wow! (10th August 2007)
Mauritius PM, Kapil, Salman, Shilpa chosen for Rajiv Gandhi award (8th August 2007)
"Salman Khan - The Groomer? (7th August 2007)
Salman’s painting graces a book cover! (6th August 2007)
Salman’s lucky silver bracelet! (6th August 2007)
Salman is too generous (4th August 2007)
16 calls in 30 mins!  (4th August 2007)
Salman calls off Arpita's party!  (2nd August 2007)
I want to act opposite Salman (2nd August 2007)
Chhote saab (1st August 2007)
Step into my parlour (31st July 2007)
Bollywood heroes get funky (31st July 2007)
Sallu’s Safari!! (30th July 2007)
Blog: Making peace with Salman Khan (27th July 2007)
Sallu's a rockstar! (27th July 2007)
Hope Salman and Aamir are reading this (26th July 2007)
Salman spills the beans (25th July 2007)
Salman designs book cover (25th July 2007)
I'd do anything for the Khans! (24th July 2007)
What’s common between Salman and Sean Connery? (24th July 2007)
Salman Khan came to Delhi for a party (24th July 2007)
Nobody says no to Salman! (22nd July 2007)
Salman: “Aamir Khan is ten times as hardworking as Shah Rukh” (21st July 2007) video1
Get fit David, says Salman (21st July 2007)
Celeb Hot List (20th July 2007)
Salman's take on Global Warming (19th July 2007)
Sometimes, I think I wasn't made for India' (19th July 2007)
“Mera character kharab hai!” says Salman! (18th July 2007)
'I want to be like Rajnikanth' Salman (18th July 2007)
Salman to fight for mill workers! (18th July 2007)
Sallu's new pen-chant (18th July 2007)
Sallu throws party for Sienna Miller! (18th July 2007)
Sienna at Salman Khan's home (18th July 2007)
When Salman shook me! (18th July 2007)
I go wrong sometimes, says Salman Khan (17th July 2007)
A Khan-dani fan (17th July 2007)
Sallu's great 'Partner'ships (17th July 2007)
Govinda and Salman quiz each other (11th July 2007)
Where’s the party tonight? (10th July 2007)
Sallu scotches marriage rumours (9th July 2007) video
Salman' good deed for the night (4th July 2007)
Ailing Salman makes time for charity (4th July 2007)
Yet another Bhai-product? (4th July 2007)
Coffee. Break! (3rd July 2007)
Salman Khan Falls Ill! (1st July 2007)
Salman and Aamir's 'buddy buddy' baatein! (30th June 2007)
A look at Salman Khan (27th June 2007)
Salman and Amir to work together (27th June 2007)
Sallu gifts Taj Mahal to Ali (26th June 2007)
Does Sallu need a reason to party? (25th June 2007)
Show down! (24th June 2007)
Salman Khan's programme in Kolkata cancelled (23rd June 2007)
Young-stir! (22nd June 2007)
Creative De-Stress - the latest mantra (21st June 2007)
Dino, Salman bring in Mithun's birthday (18th June 2007)
Salman Khan: The new drag king (16th June 2007)
Salman Khan gets Merc-urial again! (16th June 2007)
Chi Chi gets pricey! (15th June 2007)
Salman Meherbaan to Govinda Pehelwaan (14th June 2007)
It's a gem of a stone! (10th June 2007)
Salman and Sangeeta Bijlani friends again? (8th June 2007)
My voice, your face = Our hits (5th June 2007)
Buddy ki baat (2nd June 2007)
Humko toh yaara teri yaari paise se pyaari (2nd June 2007)
Holiday affair (2nd June 2007)
Salman parties with Deols & David Dhawan (30th May 2007)
Shah Rukh Khan gets a gift of two big paintings from Salman Khan!  (30th May 2007)
Sallu gifts new-found friend SRK 2 paintings (30th May 2007)
Sallu's painting gets 1 crore (29th May 2007)
Salman Khan painting fetches a whopping crore! (29th May 2007)
Salman’s master stroke- Painting sells for 1 crore!! (29th May 2007)
Salman Khan painting fetches one crore (28th May 2007)
Celebrity Feature: Bollywood couple Salman Khan and Katrina (27th May 2007)
This was truly 'Khan'tastic! (24th May 2007)
Richard Gere Talks about Salman on Koffee
Salman hain Kala-kaar (20th May 2007)
Sallu turns teacher now! (18th May 2007)
Sallu bana guru (18th May 2007)
Bollywood brat Salman Khan wields paintbrush for charity (18th May 2007)
Sallu ka art dekho (17th May 2007)
Salman Khan set to exhibit 20 of his paintings (16th May 2007)
Mom's Best: Celebrity Recipes
Namastey London Success Party hosted by Salman (15th May 2007)
Camera Buddy (15th May 2007)
Bro's-let for Arbaaz (15th May 2007)
Kangana to do an ad with Salman (30th April 2007)
Sallu's Van Friday (25th April 2007)
Salman ‘chick’mates Saif
Sallu's idol mind (19th April 2007)
The art of friendship' (17th April 2007)
Salman spends time with mentally challenged kids (14th April 2007)
No kidding! Salman swaps roles (Video) (14th April 2007)
Salman meets mentally and physically challenged children  (13th April 2007)
Salman visits challenged children (13th April 2007)
Salman Khan didn't recommend Katrina' (10th April 2007)
Excerpt from Subhash Ghai interview
Salman's brush with art (6th April 2007)
Teri toh! (25th March 2007)
Price-less moment! (20th March 2007)
Salman Khan irked with Aditya Chopra’s demand raises his fee (19th March 2007)
Heart of gold (12th March 2007)
Bhai ho toh aisa (8th March 2007)
A life less ordinary
Salman-Rani together again?
Salman Khan bails out Boney Kapoor again (3rd March 2007)
Designer crush (27th February 2007)
Salman Khan on a wall clock ! (25th February 2007)
Have you ever heard an actor say - I hate my co-star? (19th February 2007)
Salman Khan is waiting for a message from God to settle down (18th February 2007)
But I am just an actor! (18th February 2007)
Salman Khan to endorse Mayur Suitings' (16th February 2007)
My marriage is in God's hands: Salman Khan (14th February 2007)
Salman gets 'earful' from little fans (5th February 2007)
Salman 'Khan't control the crowd!
Portrait of a painter (27th Jan 2007)


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