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Thugs of Hindostan
11-10-2018, 01:10 PM
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Thugs of Hindostan
Almost from the beginning when this film was first announced, I had a bad feeling about it, and expected it to flop. This was before even any teasers or motion posters came out. I just thought that the subject matter wouldn't work. This thought was strengthened after Bahubali 2 released and became such a humongous success. Well, now it seems I was right. The film has horrible reviews, and is crashing even from day 2. Day 1 set records, of course, since it was a hugely anticipated film, and even though the trailer disappointed many people, they still had a residue of goodwill toward Amir from his previous films (though why anyone would think he had credibility after Dhoom 3, I don't know).

At any rate, there are the usual fan wars kind of discussions/arguments, but what strikes me again is the fact that Aamir just can't do the "masala" kind of film. He absolutely can't. He keeps trying, and failing. The most recent examples are Dhoom 3 and this TOH. Of course people bring up Ghajini, but that was a Tamil remake, and had the original Tamil director. It was also his first move to take on SRK as a box office force. Till then the narration was, from Aamir fans, that Aamir may not have big office numbers, but he makes quality movies, and from SRK fans, that SRK is the box office king, no matter what anyone else may claim about making "quality" films. Then Aamir pretty much won the box office battle, but surprisingly, once Salman started on his present run with Dabangg, many trade analysts still put Salman ahead of Aamir in terms of box office clout, despite Aamir holding all the life time collections records. Well, that reputation seems destined to fall now.

OK, I got sidetracked, but what I really wanted to say was that Aamir really can't do the masala genre of films, SRK is OK with them but not in Salman's league (e.g., Chennai Express). So what this failure of TOH really proves to me is how difficult it it is to pull off a masala film and make it work, but how little credit the actors who make it work get for it! It's an old story. Similarly, Aamir really can't do comedy (yes, I know he was in Andaz Apna Apna, but I thought he was pretty bad, too studied), and really can't do action, either, though he tried in the early part of his career. Again SRK is pretty good at action (at least before all his injuries), and also comedy (though he tends to overact), but not at Salman's level.

So how come these two, and Hrithik, who can't do comedy at all, get touted as being such great "versatile" actors, while the guy who can and has done it all is called a "non-actor"? I guess because he himself ruins it by claiming that he doesn't know how to act.
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11-10-2018, 03:10 PM
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RE: Thugs of Hindostan
Recently I went to watch Badhai Ho Badhai (and immensely loved it) and watched the full trailer of TOH. I thought the concept was good try for an Indian film, liked the trailer too. Also, was wondering if telling a serious story in clownish way would work. I guess it didn't.
But now reading all these review, audience reaction, huh!! didn't expect it. Is it just Aamir failed to deliver or the movie itself badly made.
I never liked Aamir in comic act as well. He looked trying too much in AAA where Salman looked natural. That's the fact bothers me most - even after delivering serious act in Tere Naam, Sultan. action and comic role in numerous film with such ease, he is called an non-actor. I think people just got used to calling him that..
I also think SRK never tried his full potential as actor. He could be a better actor (with a good director) than most gives him credit for. Then he didn't want to experiment when his romance act kept seeing success.
I never thought much of Hrititk as actor. Ranbir Kapoor, I think, is a better versatile actor. Ayushman reminds me of Amol Palekar in old times. Delivering some realistic yet entertaining films, more successful than so called most other stars today (other than Khans) but he would never get that star status. He lacks that star like personality. Amol was the same way - one of the most respected actor yet never tagged as a star.
I don't know where salman's career would have gone without Kabir and Ali happen in his life. Kabir may not have done much to him as an actor, definitely delivered some better quality commercial movie through ETT, BB.Ali really raised him with Sultan and TZH. Let's see how he does w/Bharat. Other than those four films after Dabang, he really didn;t have much in last eight years. Now he started his suicidal effort again with the family charity mission....Confused
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