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Michael Jackson
06-26-2009, 08:56 PM
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Michael Jackson
Please post your tributes to this legend here.
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06-26-2009, 08:58 PM
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Re: Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson, An American Original
Friday June 26, 2009, 8:40 AM

How do you put into words the way you feel when the headline is flashed around the world: "Michael Jackson Is Dead?"

For many it was too shocking to absorb.

You tell yourself it's a mistake. Then the confirmation of his death spread across the Internet, and people around the world shared their grief at his passing.

Michael Jackson was my friend, but millions who never met him felt the same void in their lives that I did.

How do you define his life and career?

Some of the memories that were flashing through my mind:

Michael and that other superstar Michael (as in, Jordan) on the basketball court in Chicago shooting hoops for the "Jam" video. The tiny King of Pop and the towering King of Hoops were a hoot together. And that moment reminded me of that little-kid side of Jackson that made you doubt he'd ever grow up. He was having too much fun. I'll leave it to more serious observers to analyze the Peter Pan in him. To me, it was a reflection of the joy he found in being an adult who was discovering the childhood he never had.

Michael in the studio, determined to get it right. A daunting perfectionist who burst into tears when the song he was recording finally sounded just as he imagined it. This was a man who cared about his music.

Michael on location in the hot and dusty southern California desert looking a bit thin and vulnerable under the merciless sun. Then the strains of "In the Closet" from his album "Dangerous" drifted across the set and he was rolling on the ground with Naomi Campbell in a sensual embrace that was wild enough to have the crew applauding when the director yelled, "Cut." His energy was amazing.

Michael whipping fans, dozens of rows behind mine, into a frenzy. Beyond their screams and sobs was something magical. Even in the cheap seats, he was connecting with them in a way that seemed almost magical.

I've talked with some of the most famous pop stars in the world who bowed to the musical genius that had influenced them. Just as fans dressed like Michael and did the moonwalk or that sexy crotch grab, a legion of musicians have tried to follow in his footsteps.

Let the imitators beware. Michael Jackson was an American original. A complicated superstar who sometimes wore his heart on his sleeve, but often kept his innermost self hidden. Was he sometimes Wacko Jacko? Was he sometimes playing us with his eccentricity? Did he lose his looks and his fortune? Who cares? The legacy is music that has defined moments in our lives and leaves us telling our Michael Jackson stories and laughing as kids on the playground try the moonwalk in their sneakers. And missing him a lot. Too young to die -- but maybe if you're Peter Pan that's the best way to go.

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06-26-2009, 09:02 PM
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Re: Michael Jackson
New York celebrates Michael Jackson

During the Blackout of 2003, New Yorkers came out on the streets and stayed there all night. This phenomenon was seen again tonight as Michael Jackson's fans stayed out overnight, keeping his memory alive. They were not mourning but celebrating his life. Crowds gathered under the blinking lights of the world famous Apollo marquee in Harlem where their hero performed many times with the Jackson 5.

African-Americans were out in full force at the legendary music venue, where artistes like James Brown and Aretha Franklin have performed, to pay homage to the first African- Americans cross over artist who reached incredible heights of success.

Within hours of Jackson's death, T-shirts bearing vintage photos of the music legend were selling for $20. A T-shirt seller said that people were buying his wares because "Mike is an icon around here. Everybody wants one of them (shirts) to remember him or to give to their kids."

In the city that never sleeps, fans stayed out all night, dancing and singing along to Jackson hits. A young fan explained? "We are dancing like him, we are dancing for him and in a way we are dancing with him. We are here because of Michael. We love him. We just want to show the world that we respect him a lot. Despite every thing he is still the King of Pop"

For die-hard fans it was a night to celebrate his life not to mourn his loss. To them, it didn't matter that the troubled singer had been living like a recluse for the past few years, more often in the news embroiled in some controversy or scandal than for his music. There will be time for the uncomfortable questions about why and how the 50-year-old died, but the night was for celebrating his life and his contribution to the world of music.

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06-26-2009, 11:15 PM
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Re: Michael Jackson
Yes indeed so sad, I feel so much for his kids who are left alone without a father, I just have no words, it makes me so sad... I never was his fan, but it hurts deeply...May ALLAH open the gates of heaven for him....

Love the life you live... Live the life you love...
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07-02-2009, 07:07 PM
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Re: Michael Jackson
the best break dancer,the best pop singer,so much enery in his voice i never saw any dancer who can dance like him we lost the best singer nd dancer nd good human being may ALLAH gave him place in heaven ameen

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