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Rajesh Khanna dies at 69
07-18-2012, 01:53 PM
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Rajesh Khanna dies at 69
This is too important a news not to be mentioned here, even if it's sad. I don't know what's happening with Samu, but I'll try to fill in as best as I can for her.

Having said that, I can't really post all the myriad articles on this news here, so to begin with, I'll just post a link to a compilation on Filmi Girl's blog:

I have seen Salman in many interviews mention how awestruck he was as a child to see the kind of adulation that Rajesh Khanna got from the public, especially how all the people's eyes automatically followed his every movement, going from side to side, even. I remember one time, around the time of Veer, I think, he and Kareena were being interviewed together (now why? I can't remember -- maybe they were promoting MAMK). Anyway, both of them happened to be shooting in Pune at different locations for different movies. So Kareena described how there were so many fans who came to see her and Saif, and how great she felt about that. Then suddenly, in the middle of all the fan adulation, someone said that Salman is here! And off all of them went to look for Salman, leaving Kareena and Saif all alone. Smile So then Salman told this story of the time he saw Rajesh Khanna as a boy, driving by in his car, and how everyone's eyes followed that car till the last moment, and added, "There has never been such a superstar like him." Then Kareena said, "But the same thing happens with you now, you're just as adored," and Salman said very decidedly, "Not a bit! not even one percent!"

I posted this anecdote from Salman so that the younger members, or others who are not familiar with the phenomenon of Rajesh Khanna, could get an idea of just how mindboggling his success was, and how much he was (and is, in some circles, I guess) adored. I think he was my first teenage crush. Sad
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07-18-2012, 03:45 PM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2012 03:53 PM by nurainfarizan.)
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RE: Rajesh Khanna dies at 69
How sweet Moi. I never really fully realized the Rajesh Khanna phenomenon, i think his popularity and success were greatly undermined by critics who wrote about Hindi cinema throughout the years. They always talk about how his films were popular, but aren't "quality" films. They don't understand that the man captured hearts.

Here are some pics of Salman visiting Rajesh Khanna:

[Image: 251918_266186186820808_464997109_n.jpg]

[Image: 553496_266209626818464_988187391_n.jpg]

An old pic:

[Image: 578866_266137823492311_2097410073_n.jpg]

And a video:

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