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The official Preity Zinta Topic
09-13-2012, 09:03 PM
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RE: The official Preity Zinta Topic
‘Salman’s my best buddy’

September 14, 2012

‘Salman’s my best buddy’

The bubbly Preity Zinta is back on celluloid after a long break with Ishkq in Paris. She will be seen with newcomer Rehan Malleik. Working with a debutant reminded her of her own “struggler” days and how actors like SRK and Salman made sure that it was a smooth ride for her. “No sooner did I complete my film, I thanked Salman, Shah Rukh and others for bearing with me as a newcomer. I understood how difficult it is to work with a fresher. Rehan is good, but a fresher does not know how to face the camera. It is very difficult to be perfect in the early stages of your career.”

Rehan, whose real name is Gaurav, changed it for his onscreen identity and Preity believes it’s part of the business. “People change their names all the time in this industry. It’s to create an image. Akshay Kumar also changed his name from Rajeev. It’s no big deal,” she says.

The actor says she was away from Bollywood for long because of her IPL commitments. “After two-and-a-half years’ gap I am turning a producer. I feel rejuvenated... hope everything hereafter is for the better,” she says, adding that she has lost about 10 kg while keeping up with her IPL team. “I see a new trend of Rs 100- Rs 200 crore clubs in Bollywood. This change in the film industry brings joy to the makers.”

Talking about her new film, she says, “Ishkq in Paris is a rom com. I cannot boast of Rs 100 or Rs 200 crore, but I always wanted to produce a film… it feels good. At the risk of sounding boastful, I believe I am a smart producer. When I told a veteran producer that I was into the post-production process of my film and am also promoting it, he instantly gushed, ‘Oh! You are smart! When I first started producing, I was never able to multi-task and juggle the various duties related to the film’. It makes me proud that I have learnt much about film-making.”

“I offered a character to Salman in Ishkq… and he accepted it instantly. He is my best buddy. I can bet that no other actor has a heart as pure as Salman’s. He is a gem of a person,” she adds. Preity’s mother is also a producer of the film. “I didn’t get along with my mom as she used to nag me. But when I lived on my own, I realised her importance. Also, after I lost my dad, my love for her multiplied. She is the producer of my film; I want to give her happiness,” says the star who will be seen with Sunny Deol in Bhaiyyaji Superhit. When we asked her about her apparent fall out with Rani Mukherjee, the question didn’t go down very well with her. She said, “Everything is fine between Rani and me. We are very good friends. I am sorry but there is no truth to these rumours.”

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