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* The Official Topic - Govinda *
03-28-2012, 02:00 PM
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RE: * The Official Topic - Govinda *
Govinda does it again with his bizarre antics

Govinda does it again with his bizarre anticsGovinda displayed yet another of his bizarre antics at a recent awards event

Govinda has been in the industry for long and so is his list of bizarre antics. Though the actor's career may not be on an upswing, there is no downswing to his odd behaviour. There's always one more for him.

On Sunday, Govinda attended an awards hosted by a television channel at Film City. The actor was accompanied by filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani.

Considering that Chi Chi is starring in his forthcoming film, it was understandable. But what was not that he refused to leave his side even for a nanosecond.

When photographers on the red carpet asked him for a solo shot, he outright refused that he would only be snapped with him.

When called on to the stage to present an award, he insisted that Nihalani accompany him and stand by his side.

Says a source, "It was amusing to see Govinda behave in such a manner. He made it a point to always be on the side of Nihalani. He did not want to be in front of or behind him, but be at his side."

Adds the source, "As he is acting in Nihalani's film, he feels that he has to be by his side. He had acted in his movies like Ilzaam in 1986 that propelled Govinda to stardom. He feels Pahlaj has always stood by him and now he has to always be by his side -- literally!"

Govinda's earlier antics

(1) During the shooting of Run Bhola Run he attributed his latecoming due to an imbalance of some chemical in his body. Once he arrived terribly late and lay prostrate and did a namaskar -- his way of apologising to the director. At another time he had called for a goat on the sets. He did a puja and chanted mantras as he felt this ritual would make life better for him.

(2) While shooting for Life Partner, he felt his late mother's presence. He would walk and talk with her. People visiting his home are often told about his mother's presence on the sofa.

(3) During an awards event in Sri Lanka, he felt there was a threat to his life so wanted to skip it. But later he decided to travel to explain to Salman Khan why he did not want to be part of the show.


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