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Bollywood News
02-23-2015, 11:54 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
People are actually praying to work with me: Kangana Ranaut

February 23, 2015

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02-26-2015, 11:14 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Learn from Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, says Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Ranveer Singh on his participation in the AIB Roast!

Thu, February 26, 2015

[Image: ranveer-slb-260215.jpg]

The heavily-panned AIB Roast has not gone down too well with SLB as well. Here’s what he had to say to his Bajirao Mastani actor

Ranveer Singh’s troubles over his participation in the controversial AIB Roast are far from over. The actor, who is currently shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani opposite ladylove Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra got a dressing down from the filmmaker.

Yes, it is learnt that like several other B-town celebrities, the heavily-panned AIB Knockout that also featured Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar along with Ranveer didn’t go down too well with him as he scolded Ranveer for taking part in it.

“You guys are idiots. Stars don’t behave like this. Learn from SRK and Salman. Don’t be a chichora. Being a public figure, you should know how to conduct yourself.” Wow, now that’s some earful that Ranveer got from SLB, no?

As you will already know, not a long time ago, even Aamir Khan expressed displeasure with the show and called it “violent”. Aamir’s opinion didn’t go down well with a lot of people, who slammed Mr Perfectionist for his double standards given the fact that he produced a produced a film like Delhi Belly, which was high on abusive content.

Shah Rukh Khan also expressed his views on the issue. Although he didn’t take any sides, but he said that as a popular actor, one has to be careful about what he says. ”When you are a popular actor like I am, people listen to you… So, you need to relook at it and I am only speaking about myself here. There will always be issues and questions.”

However, unlike SRK, Sanjay is not diplomatic in his opinions. I am surely waiting to see what reactions will he get to his views on the extremely controversial matter which just is refusing to die down

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02-27-2015, 12:26 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
I dont enjoy such kind of humour: It's Ajay's turn to comment about AIB Roast

February 26, 2015

[Image: ajayhum.JPG]

Ajay Devgn spoke to the press during a promotional event for one of the brands he endorses. He was asked the inevitable question of how he felt about the much controversial AIB Roast show. Ajay said, "From what I have heard, I prefer not to watch it. I don't enjoy such kind of humour."

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02-27-2015, 09:06 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Forget Salman Khan. There're 7 Other Big Names Whose Cases Are Still In Court

Kunal Anand

February 27, 2015

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03-05-2015, 12:00 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
Watch it before banning, B-Town on BBC documentary ban

March 5, 2015

Members of the film fraternity reacted strongly against the orders to restrain the broadcast of a documentary based on December 16, 2012 gang-rape, including an interview with a convict. They termed the orders a sign of “ostrich mentality” and asked questions like “Why ban it” and “Where are we headed”?

The documentary "India's Daughter" by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin has kicked up a storm over the interview of one of the six men who raped the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist on December 16, 2012 in moving bus in Delhi. She later died in a Singapore hospital where she had been airlifted for specialised treatment.

The controversial documentary was uploaded on video sharing website YouTube by an individual. The home ministry on Wednesday said orders were obtained from court to restrain the broadcast of the documentary.

Here's how B-Town reacted over the ban:

Boman Irani: Documentaries are stories of truth! We should be embarrassed of the truth rather than the fact that the documentary got made#IndiasDaughter

Punit Malhotra: Just watched THE bbc documentary, India's Daughter. Here's the link…It just beats me as to why the gov would want to ban this. It needs to be put out to show our society the mirror, how the "men" think!

Anurag Basu: Jst saw "India's Daughter"It shd be compulsory viewing not Banned!! We have this Ostrich Mentality Banning
is like putting your head in the sand so no one can see me

Genelia D'Souza: Pls watch "India's daughter"...We need to understand and eradicate the evil within us n around us

Sanjay Gupta: Beef BANNED, Documentary BANNED, Films BANNED, 5% Quota for Muslims CANCELLED. Where the f#
are we headed? BURE DIN HI ACHCHE THHE.

Anubhav Sinha: Just finished watching 'India's Daughter'. Why should they ban it? WHY? I wonder if they have seen it.

Vir Das: I don't know what's in this documentary. But It seems like a country is fighting harder against embarrassment rather than for it's women.

Kabir Bedi: Govt's decision to BAN
- a BBC documentary by an award-winning director - damages India's image the most.

Aditi Rao Hydari: I stand by
a film by the @BBC-insightful,shocking,frustrating,sad, we need a SOCIETAL OVERHAUL

Milap Zaveri: NOTHING should ever be banned. Don't wanna watch, read, hear, then simply DONT!

Goldie Behl: Why ban
it's our shocking reality ban this mentality of men.

Shirish Kunder: Now wait for a FIR on all those who shared the banned documentary and also those who watched it. #IndiasDaughter

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03-06-2015, 11:05 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
"Just a spectator in AIB show": Deepika's defense proves successful as she gets protection from arrest

March 5, 2015

[Image: specataor.JPG]

We know that Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are embroiled in a court case after an FIR was launched against them in connection to their participation in the 'AIB Roast' show.

However, Deepika Padukone, who was a spectator at the event, also got dragged into this controversy. Deepika's name got listed in the FIR along with her three colleagues, and the B-town beauty thought that this was highly unfair.

Deepika thus went ahead and filed two petitions asking for the quashing of FIRs filed in Pune and Mumbai’s Tardeo police station. Deepika’s lawyer Ameet Nayak said, "The Maharashtra Region and Town Planning Act does not apply as she was a spectator. Sections 294 and 509 cannot apply." Deepika's voice was heard as The Bombay High Court agreed to grant protection from police arrest to Deepika until March 16.

So Deepika can heave a sigh of relief for now, at least.

Credits: Indian Express

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03-15-2015, 12:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-15-2015 12:35 AM by ktm gal.)
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RE: Bollywood News
VIDEO:Guide Passed The Test of Time: Mahesh Bhatt

Published On: March 6, 2015

A Star Was Born

Written by Harneet Singh | New Delhi | Updated: March 1, 2015 6:26 pm

[Image: devanand75.jpg]

He rolls the dice, asks the girl standing next to him to kiss his hand and voilà! he gets a pair of six. Dev Anand lights his cigarette, flashes his Dev Anand smile and tells us what kind of a baazigar he is: Main beimaani ka jua nahin khelta (I don’t gamble dishonestly)…
Guru Dutt made his directorial debut with this Anand-Geeta Bali-Kalpana Karthik starrer Baazi, a crime thriller with noir elements. The film was planned as a quickie to keep Anand Bros’ family banner, Navketan, afloat after the failure of Afsar (1950). It was Anand’s decision to get Dutt on board as director after their famous pact that they would give each other a break when they had a chance. In Sidharth Bhatia’s book, The Naveketan Story: Cinema Modern, Devsaab reminisces that this was a difficult decision because it meant keeping his brother Chetan out of the film, and trust a relative newcomer with not only his status but also the fortunes of their production company.

Dutt and Anand assembled a power-packed team for Baazi. Balraj Sahni, who had just returned after a stint with the BBC was entrusted with the story, screenplay and dialogues. Zohra Sehgal was brought in to choreograph the dance sequences. SD Burman composed the music while a young poet named Sahir Ludhianvi was given a chance to pen lyrics for the songs. Raj Khosla served as assistant director. A bus conductor who Sahni had seen entertaining passengers was called in for a cameo, to play a drunkard, and while the film credits him by his real name Badruddin, after Baazi, the world knew him as Johnny Walker. With such luminaries at work, it is no wonder that Baazi has “stellar” written all over it.

True to its noir roots, the film pitches Madan (Anand) as a flamboyant anti-hero who wants to play fair, but unlike a tragic hero, he doesn’t brood when the odds are stacked against him; rather he fights till he can. The mood of the film is darkish, full of shadows — Dutt would use a similar colour palette in his later films such as Jaal, CID, Aar Paar. There is also a siren Leena (Bali), who dances in seedy bars and enjoys a flirtatious relationship with Madan. The first time she meets Madan, she offers him a bevarage saying,“Sharab nahin.. thandi coffee hai (It’s not alcohol, it’s cold coffee).” She checks him out and declares, “Anari maloom hote ho (You appear to be a novice)” and then removes his beret, ruffles his hair affectionately and tells him, “Tum khoobsurat ho (You are beautiful).” He shoots back, “Tum aafat ho (You are a troublemaker).” She bats her eyelashes and whispers, “Shukriya.” That’s the kind of girl she is.
Bali strikes the perfect balance between endearing and intriguing and even in a supporting role, she shines in every rame. Be it the dances — look how she teases Madan when she croons, Insaaf tere saath hai ilzaam laga le… or when she warns him with Suno gajar kya gaaye — Bali as Leena is dignified and alluring.

Dev is romantically paired with Karthik nee Mona Singha, who was introduced in this film. She plays Rajani, a socially aware doctor “jo gareebo ka muft ilaaj karti hai (who treats poor patients for free).” She also happens to be arch villain Bossman KN Singh’s daughter in the film. When Madan and Rajani fall in love, the baazi is turned against him.

Incidentally, Baazi was a personal milestone for Anand and Karthik: they fell in love on the sets of this film and eventually got married. The film also made Anand a superstar. In his autobiography Romancing with Life, Devsaab reminisces: “Baazi gave me an image that stayed in the minds of people, and made a genuine star out of me. For the first time I felt and saw what stardom was in terms of adulation and fan following. I became a phenomenon after the release of Baazi.”

The film’s recall value is boosted by the music brought to us by the winning team of Dada Burman, Ludhianvi and Geeta Dutt. Just listen to the soundtrack and you will have a memorable Sunday.


Film: Baazi Year: 1951
Director: Guru Dutt
Cast: Dev Anand, Kalpana Karthik, Geeta Bali, KN Singh
Music: SD Burman
DVD: Shemaroo

Sharmaaye Kaahe: Shamshaad Begum
Yeh Kaun aaya: Geeta Dutt
Tadbeer Se Bigdii: Geeta Dutt
Aaj Ki Raat Piya: Geeta Dutt
Mere Labon Pe: Kishore Kumar
Dekhte Akele: Geeta Dutt
Tum Bhi Naa Bhoole: Geeta Dutt
Suno Gajar Kya Gaaye: Geeta Dutt

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03-31-2015, 09:22 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Rekha and Kajol have progressively become lighter, says Nandita Das

March 30, 2015

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04-03-2015, 10:41 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Have you seen these pics of Deepika Padukone from her Kingfisher calendar girl days?

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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04-04-2015, 06:07 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
Watch: This epic mash up of Deepika's 'My Choice' and Govinda's 'Meri Marzi' will leave you in splits

Deccan Chronicle | April 01, 2015,

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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04-05-2015, 02:03 PM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2015 02:26 PM by ktm gal.)
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RE: Bollywood News
Actress Kangana Ranaut says the video "My Choice" must be appreciated for the effort towards promotion of women empowerment, but she is of the view that empowerment cannot happen by becoming sexists.

"Women empowerment does not mean you create complex among men. Then it will take 20 more years to empower men. It is all about evolving as a soul, as a human being. It does not mean that you become a sexist," Kangana said here on Thursday at an event where she was asked about her views on the video.

"My Choice", directed by Homi Adjania, calls for a change in the mindset of men about women and asks them to stop judging women for their choices of clothes, profession and life.

The video shows actress Deepika Padukone talking about the freedom of choice that women must have regarding multiple issues, including having the choice to indulge in sex before marriage or out of marriage or not having sex at all. Kangana says she hasn't watched the video yet.

"But I am glad that people are contributing in their own way. Everyone has different expectations but it should be appreciated for the efforts they are putting in," she added.

"Empowerment is not sex" SONAKSHI'S Dig at DEEPIKA'S Shortfilm

[Image: CBdL78WU8AA1uMu.jpg]

Bollywood's leggy lass Deepika Padukone's new short film titled 'My Choice' directed by Homi Adjania has created quite a buzz on social media platforms.'Dabangg' actress Sonakshi Sinha too expressed her displeasure about Deepika's 'MyChoice'. With her opinion Sonakshi took an indirect dig at Deepika.

Sharing her opinion, Sonakshi said "I have not seen the video but I know the thought behind it which is women empowerment. It's a good initiative and I believe it is coming from a good space. But honestly, I believe empowerment should be given to women who need it and who are far away from where we are right now. We have been bred and brought up in luxury."

"Empowerment is not just always about the kind of clothes you wear or who you want to have sex with or stuff like that. It's about employment and about strength. It's a good initiative but it should reach out to people who actually need it in the deep ends of our country", added the actress.

Well, we wonder how Deepika will react after reading Sonakshi's view.

‘Elitist women think male bashing makes you a true feminist’

By Sanyukta Iyer, Mumbai Mirror | Apr 4, 2015

Says Sonam Kapoor, insisting she doesn't need a video to voice her opinions, her actions have always spoken louder.

Bollywood's fashionista Sonam Kapoor has been very busy lately. She has been frenetically shooting for Sooraj Barjatya's Prem Ratan Dhan Payo but managed to make a dash to Paris to meet designer Giorgio Armani, even though she's yet to recover completely from the bout of swine flu which hospitalised her for four days. Today, she walks the ramp with dad Anil Kapoor for Shabana Azmi's Mijwan show to promote education, health and sanitation for girls in Uttar Pradesh.

Her grandmother is in the ICU and speaking to Mirror from her bedside, the 29-year-old actress insisted that illiteracy is the root of all problems. "Girls can really explore their capabilities when they are allowed to study," asserted Sonam, who's also supporting breast cancer awareness.

Recently the 'My Choice' video directed by filmmaker Homi Adjania, starring Deepika Padukone, went viral online. When asked what she thinks about its portrayal of feminism, Sonam retorts, "Elitist women have always had wrong ideas about feminism. They think male-bashing... hating men...makes you a true feminist. I don't have to make a video to voice my opinions. My actions have always spoken louder than my words. I'm proud to be a woman and I respect my independence. I'm never afraid to give my opinion on any matter. That's what feminism is about."

She insists that women may be physically weaker than men but emotionally they are stronger. "My family has never made me feel like a lesser person because I am a woman. But when I entered the film industry I saw how a hero was treated and how a heroine. There is a glaring difference. So where is the equality?" she signs off.

Sonam Kapoor: I Don’t Have To Make A Video To Voice My Opinions

By BusinessofCinema News Network on April 4, 2015

[Image: sonam-fawad-01.jpg]

Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor is never afraid to voice her opinion boldly and openly. The Diva is not only beautiful but is also brilliantly smart. Sonam’s recent amazing pictures from her photoshoot on her Instagram account were not the only thing that stunned everyone. Apparently, Homi Adajania short film starring Deepika Padukone created quite a lot of buzz all over the Internet.

Also Read : Sonam Kapoor’s Bold And Beautiful Picture

Recently, Dolly Ki Doli actress was asked about her take on the video and what the actress thinks about people’s idea of feminism, to which Sonam replied, “Elitist women have always had wrong ideas about feminism. They think male-bashing… hating men…makes you a true feminist”.

The actress went further on and revealed that she doesn’t have to make a video just to voice her opinions. She also revealed what feminism actually is all about. “I don’t have to make a video to voice my opinions. My actions have always spoken louder than my words. I’m proud to be a woman and I respect my independence. I’m never afraid to give my opinion on any matter. That’s what feminism is about,” Prem Ratan Dhan Payo star said.

Also Read : Sonam Kapoor’s Rajasthani Look For Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

On work front, we’ll get to see Sonam Kapoor opposite Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan Salman Khan in Sooraj Barjatya‘s much anticipated upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

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04-08-2015, 09:45 PM
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RE: Bollywood News

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04-09-2015, 03:19 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
The bad side of Bollywood

India Today Online New Delhi, June 26, 2013

They are the high and mighty who like a walk on the wild side. Some celebs deny drug rumours, some talk openly about it. Here's a look at Bollywood A-listers who were once drug addicts.

Ranbir Kapoor, Actor
In a recent interview to India Today, Ranbir mentions that he has smoked his share of weed while at film school. He also adds that he used it again during 'Rockstar'. Apparently, it was an acting tool for him.

[Image: ranbir_660_062613071713.jpg]
Shocking: Ranbir mentions that he has smoked his share of weed while at film school.

He says, "I used it again during Rockstar," he says, "this time as an acting tool. It was hard to get in the moment on stage with 300 bored junior artistes posing as a real audience. Pot made those moments feel real."


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04-09-2015, 08:03 PM
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RE: Bollywood News

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06-06-2015, 09:03 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Salman Khan’s Dabangg actress caught in Goa prostitution racket; mother claims she was there for an audition!

Fri, June 5, 2015

Two days ago a news from Goa shook Bollywood and seems like it will continue to haunt the industrywallahs for sometime now…

An actress who has worked in films of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar was recently arrested from a five star hotel in Goa in a prostitution racket case. According to reports the actress who has worked in Hindi and Telugu films was arrested along with Ayesha Sayyed a 30-year-old Mumbai resident, who is said to be the mastermind behind this racket.

The Panji police had planted a dummy customer to bust this prostitution racket. Reports also suggest that Ayesha had demanded 3 lakh for the actress out of which 50 percent of the money was paid as advance. When Ayesha arrived with the girls in Goa, the cops along with an NGO carried out the raid. The actress was sent to a remand and will be released and sent back to her mother after completing the procedures. While Sayyed has been arrested. Ayesha has already applied for a bail. A police case has been registered against Sayyed under Section 4, 5 and 6 of Immoral Trafficking Act.

The unnamed actress’ mother spoke to a leading daily and claimed her daughter was innocent and has nothing to do with flesh trade. This heroine’s mother told the daily that her daughter was clueless about Sayyed’s activities and added, “My daughter was approached by a lady about an audition in Goa.”

The actress in question has not only worked in Salman Khan’s Dabangg, but was also a part of Akshay Kumar’s OMG! (Oh My God!) Not so long ago National Award winning actress Shweta Basu Prasad also found herself in a similar situation last year in Hyderabad. However, she denied all allegations and said that she was misquoted. Shweta also found support in her onscreen mother Sakshi Tanwar who spoke up for the young girl while everyone else stayed mum. Another Telugu actress Divya Sri also was in news recently for her alleged involvement in prostitution racket.

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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07-03-2015, 02:05 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
Salman does not fake box office, many superstars do – Shahid Kapoor

November 22, 2014

One of the benefits of being a producer is to fudge figures. Most top actors add crores to their collections to make their films seem like bigger hits, save Salman. He laughs, “Have you seen the business Salman’s films do? He doesn’t have to fudge figures. Not everybody does it, but a lot of people do. I have never fudged my figures even now when people have asked me to. Why do it? No point, people know, industry knows, you know. Eventually, everybody gets to know, it’s very embarrassing.”

More :

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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09-01-2015, 08:14 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2015 08:22 PM by ktm gal.)
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RE: Bollywood News
FYI, These Are The “Sex Sites” Amitabh Bachchan Had Been Following On Twitter For Over A Year

That didn’t take long.

posted on Aug. 31, 2015, at 9:09 a.m.

This morning, Amitabh Bachchan broke the internet by announcing that someone had hacked his account and followed “sex sites” from it:

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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09-09-2015, 08:27 AM
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RE: Bollywood News
Bollywood Toons: Sonam Kapoor trolled on twitter

By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Sep 9, 2015

[Image: sonamtoon1.jpg]

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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09-09-2015, 08:12 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
There's a lot of talent around: Divya Dutta's strong message to Kangana!

.September 9, 2015

[Image: BNLyR8BCMAIxdGm.jpg:large]
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09-22-2015, 10:16 PM
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RE: Bollywood News
In focus: Mother India in a Dev Anand film

By Roshmila Bhattacharya, Mumbai Mirror | Sep 22, 2015,When Vijay Anand was studying at St. Xavier's College, he often passed Metro Cinema and caught black-marketeers in action as they peddled tickets of blockbuster movies with the oft-repeated, "Dedh ka do..." The words stuck in his head and in 1960, inspired Navketan's Kala Bazar.

The film revolved around a black-marketeer, Raghuvir, transformed by the love of a woman who is pledged to another. Both the Anand brothers, Dev and Goldie, were vying for Alka, played by Waheeda Rehman, but never come face-to-face on screen.

However, Dev had many scenes with his elder brother, Chetan, who played an advocate whose money finances Raghu's black-marketing business. Once the money starts rolling in, the thief with a conscience returns to confess to his crime and repay his debt. This inspires the lawyer to defend him in court later, arguing that circumstances led him astray and he should be given the opportunity to repent.

"The film's message was that crime doesn't pay and makes a strong case for education which can change one's life. All three Anand brothers were well educated and Kala Bazar was the only film to bring them together," says Mohan Churiwala, a close associate of Dev.

One of the film's highlights was Mother India's grand premiere at Liberty Cinema, which its filmmaker, Mehboob Khan gave Dev permission to shoot live and incorporate it in his film. It was a starstudded affair with a host of big Bollywood names, from Sohrab Modi, Nargis, Dilip Kumar and Nimmi to Raaj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Nadira, walking the red carpet. There were also 'cameos' by the star singers, from Geeta Dutt and husband Guru Dutt to Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeskhar and Mohd. Rafi. Churiwala points out that Raghu sells tickets priced at Rs 2 for Rs 100. "This was happening outside Liberty too. Goldie saab mixed shots of real black-marketeers with Devsaab's play acting. Later, everyone went inside to watch the movie," he says.

For the first time SD Burman was collaborating with a lyricist new to Navketan, Shailendra, and the result is pure magic. Churiwala recalls the Rafi gem, Khoya khoya chand, which was filmed in Ooty. Shailendra hadn't delivered the song despite repeated reminders so Goldie sent his assistant to his house with strict instructions not to return without the lyrics. Shailendra confessed that he hadn't written it yet and suggested that they go for a drive.

"At Juhu Beach he went for a stroll in the moonlight, returned to the car with the words, 'Khoya khoya chand,' on his mind. Back home, he penned the song which the assistant took back to Goldie saab," says Churiwala.

He also remembers that while filming Manna Dey and Asha Bhosle's romantic Saanjh dhali dil ki lagi in Ooty, Dev tripped and fell, hurting his hand. It was a hairline fracture and he must have been in pain, but since the camera was still whirring, he picked himself up and continued with the shot till Goldie saab shouted, 'Cut'.

Geeta Dutt and Sudha Malhotra's bhajan, Na main dhan chahoon, crooned by Leela Chitnis and Nanda who play Raghu's mother and sister in the film, is also sublime. "Nandaji was overwhelmed when Dev saab approached her but disappointed when she heard that it was another 'chhoti bahen's role," says Churiwala. Her uncle, V Shantaram's Toofan Aur Deeya in '56, followed by Bhabhi, had slotted her as the long-suffering, deglamorised sister and almost triggered a nervous breakdown.

Dev assured her he'd cast her as his heroine in his next film, wowed when an emotional Nanda continued to shed real tears 10 minutes after a rona-dhona scene in Kala Bazar. "She was the leading lady of Teen Devian," adds Churiwala. "And even though the writer of Hum Dono was pushing for Meena Kumari, he signed Nanda as the Major's ailing wife."

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