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King Salman - moimeme - 01-24-2015 10:40 AM

As most of you are probably aware, Saudi Arabia's king died a couple of days ago, and the new one took office. His name? Salman. Smile So I was reading the news item and I got a little thrill when I read this name, and then I saw his photograph. Sad So not like our Salman.

Anyway, most news reports said that, until the late king's death, he, having been appointed as crown prince, was known as "Prince Salman." In fact that was his handle on Twitter. As soon as he became the new king, his Twitter account was changed to "KingSalman."

It's all a bit unsettling to me in a way, though not as bad as when the Pakistani politician Salman Taseer was assassinated. Sad That was a tough time, having to repeatedly read about the death of someone named Salman.

Anyway, we may not have King Salman around very long, as he's 79 and supposedly in poor health. I must say though that in his photo he looked no where near 79 -- more like someone in his 50's. So maybe that's a common attribute? Smile

Pardon me for my mindless prattling; these are just the thoughts that went through my head as I read the news.

RE: King Salman - ktm gal - 01-25-2015 04:22 PM

The new king suffers from alzheimer's disease.