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Light Corner - Rules
[b:vmlgvqmt]Forum Rules and Regulations For All Members[/b:vmlgvqmt]
[i:vmlgvqmt]Violation of any of these rules will result in consequences determined on a case-by-case basis by the Forum Administrator and moderators.[/i:vmlgvqmt]

Profanity and discriminatory remarks including inflammatory remarks, intended to hurt or offend a member in any form will not be tolerated on this forum

Spamming, public or private, will result in a user ban.

Sensitive topics such as religion and political issues are not to be discussed in the forum. Topics that could compromise sensitive information or serve to potentially hurt members of this form will be closed and deleted.

Any disrespectful remarks about Salman or his family members will not be acceptable on this forum. So be mature and think before making any kind of remarks that would be offensive in anyway as they will be deleted without warning.

Postings must be placed in the appropriate forum channel and contain a descriptive subject line. Postings placed in inappropriate forum channels will be considered off-topic and either moved or deleted without any explanation. Non descriptive titles and descriptions will be renamed.

Cross-posting (posting the same content in multiple channels) must be avoided at all times.. All duplicate posts will be deleted.

If a thread is deleted by a moderator/Admin and the offending user attempts to re-post a similar thread, it is possible that the user will lose "member" privileges.

Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts. If you have experienced abusive behavior from a community member, please inform a Forum Moderator .

Before starting a new thread, please look to see if there already is a topic discussing the same thing. Duplicate threads will be closed down. Also, please make sure your thread title accurately reflects what the thread is about.

Keep "chatting" type conversations down to a minimum on the Salman's Corner threads on our forums, as they detract from legitimate discussions. The forum has an off topic Chitchat thread where you can chat with your fellow posters, so use those threads for that purpose.

Do not post in all caps, as it's considered Internet lingo for yelling. If a thread title or post is typed in all caps, it will be edited or deleted. dO nOt PoSt LiKe THiS, eItHEr (this is also known as sticky caps). Also, don't abuse the privilege of being able to post using different font sizes and colors, or your post will also be edited or deleted.

Please don't post pictures any wider than 800 pixels so you don't stretch the post table. In consideration of members on dial-up, please post links to larger pictures (also known as HQ pictures) or post thumbnails of those pictures.

NOTE: If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these rules, please contact the forum administrator and moderators

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