Salman Khan bails out Boney Kapoor again
By IndiaFM News Bureau, March 3, 2007 - 03:17 IST

True stories about Salman Khan's largesse continue to pour in. Not only does he continue to do films free of fee for friends and filmmakers, he also forgets and forgives very easily.

Two years ago, Salman pulled Boney's doddering production house out of the red by agreeing to do an extended cameo in No Entry. Just when Boney couldn't stop thanking Salman for his generosity things soured between the two when Salman backed out of his verbal commitment to put in yet another extended guest appearance in Boney's Milenge Milenge.

But now Salman is all set to once again play saviour to Boney's production company. Salman plays the lead in Boney Kapoor's remake of the Tamil-Telugu blockbuster Pokhri.

Says a source close to both Boney and Salman, "Salman couldn't keep his promise of doing Milenge Milenge because of differences with the film's lead pair Shahid Kapoor and Kareena. But it bothered him that Boney had to suffer for no fault of his. At the first given opportunity he made amends with Boney by agreeing to play the lead in the remake of Pokhri." Apparently no money has been discussed.

Continues the source, "This isn’t the first occasion when Salman has stood by a project on humanitarian grounds. After Nikhil Advani left Karan Johar Salman was the only hero who supported Nikhil's Salaam-e-Ishq. The other big stars rolled into the film only after Salman agreed….It's as easy to win Salman's faith as lose it."