Salman Mania Journey

It  was a lifetime dream for me  to make a fantastic website on the one man I have been in love with ever since I could understand the meaning of love. I wanted it to be an encyclopedia on him so everyone who wanted to get information on him, would just have to go to one site and they would be able to gather all information they wanted. However, it was such a grand task that I never thought it would be possible for me to do it. After starting the Rocking Khan - Salman Khan forum, I was presented with the domain by Snehal. My life time dream was knocking on my doorstep. I was still reluctant as to how I will ever be able to manage this grand task but my dear friend Mini stepped up and said that she will help me gather any information I wanted for the website. Some other members came in with big promises for the website but when the actual time came they either had excuses for not working on it or they just disappeared. At one point it started to seem like I will never be able to pull this through but then one by one me and Mini started getting the website in place to a point that we finished the complete Filmography and half of the news section.

We wanted to create a mind blowing biography because to this date we have never been able to read any "Good" and "Proper" biography on Salman Khan. Although Mini had started working on it on her own, I contacted our forum member Moimeme (Whose writing skills are just out of this world) and she agreed on doing it for us right away. Our one motive was to not fall into any gossip about Salman but to let the world know about the hard core facts of the great man that he is. Working on the biography was a huge task and Moimeme handled it brilliantly. I can say it with pride that it is the best biography I have ever read on Salman. Although the biography was delayed plenty of times, which made me literally pull my hair but as soon as Moimeme would submit a section it would seem like it was well worth the wait so my tension would just vanish in thin air.

The way the biography was done, we had to provide Video sequences, otherwise it wouldn't have had the same impact on the reader. However we were stuck in the video department because none of us either had the equipment, knowledge or all dvd's to work on it. By the time December rolled in we had given up all hope for the Videos but then out of nowhere I was contacted by our forum member Catyuoun. She said she was a film editor and would love to help us with anything on the Salman Mania. She truly was God sent. I sent her all the Video sequences links and asked her if she can arrange them for us and you can see the result of her hard work in the biography. She not only helped us with the Scenes, but the Songs too as well as taking on the responsibility of launching the Video section for Salman Mania in the near future.

I can't forget my dear friend Hamza who stepped up and offered to help me upload the videos on YouTube as I couldn't do it myself because of a very slow connection. I have to thank him especially because even though he is not a crazy Salman fan like me he still helped me and let me boss around  :)

One of our mission was to gather all of the positive old news on Salman so that we can show the world that he has been a good and kind hearted person throughout his career and he hasnt started doing good deeds just now to change his image in the world. We needed a team that would be dedicated in digging out archived material on Salman and for that I am very thankful for Mini, Riti, Ananda and ktm_gal for all their help in organizing the News section.

Mini solely helped me on the Filmography and everything Movies related for the website.  She was always quick and efficient with writing the summary or finding the credits. I never had to lift a finger and she would just provide me with all the information I needed.

Salman Mania design and layout was approved unanimously by all the initial Salman Mania team. It wasn't a very fancy layout with flash etc. but we wanted to keep it nice and simple. We were concentrating more on the material that was going on it rather than making it flashy. I have tried to keep the design and layout as user friendly as possible. Right now we do not have the search feature but it will be embedded in very soon.

Snehal was the one who worked on the intro of Salman Mania. Although we will be coming up with a new intro in a week or so, he did his very best that he could in a short time notice.

Most of the material on the website has been collected from different sources on the internet and we have tried our best to link to the main sites rather than copy on our domain.

In the end I would like to thank all of my Salman Mania team personally. This was never possible without all their dedicated hard work at making the launch possible. I have enjoyed each and every single minute of working on the website. Going through all the Salman Khan info and pictures was an absolute pleasure that kept me going. I hope all of you readers will enjoy the fruits of our hard work of 8 months but we are not done yet. We are far from it. This is an ongoing project and will be updating it regularly. Our next main project is the video and audio section. Please bookmark us in your favourites and visit us regularly for all the updated news on the Ultimate Hunk - Salman Khan.



 Website Credits:
Webdesigner: Aisha
Filmography Info: Mini
Biography Compilation: Moimeme
Video Creations: Catyuoun
Archived News: Ananda, ktm_gal, Mini and Riti
Wallapapers & Signatures: Aisha, Snehal, Narges
Videos Uploaded by: Hamza