Salman’s master stroke

Salman's painting that was being auctioned at 20 lakhs is now fetching a whopping crore

Ashwini Deshmukh

Salman Khan knew the worth of his creation well when he pulled out his painting from an auction in a suburban hotel, recently. The painting that had earlier attracted only a paltry a sum of rupees 20 lakh, was sold at a whopping one crore, yesterday.

Salman’s big fat painting
If you thought that the painting was sitting pretty at home you must hear this. Ramesh, an art lover, who had heard about Salman pulling a painting out of an auction, contacted Salman. Says a source, “The deal took place over the phone between Salman and Ramesh. He bought the painting for a crore yesterday.”

Sunaina Narula, chairman Plan India - a charitable organization, had told Mumbai Mirror in an earlier interview, “We were auctioning Salman's paintings and the bidding started from 10 lakhs and came up to 20 lakhs. However, Salman was not very happy about the price so he came up to the stage and stopped the auction. He said that it was a very precious painting as it speaks about the emotions between a mother and a son. He took the painting back and informed us that he had a figure in mind and once he got the price he would send the entire amount to Plan India.” Narula further informed, “It was Anil Kapoor who spoke to Salman and convinced him to bring his paintings for the auction.”

Salman Khan
However, this time around the proceeds from the painting will go to the Salman Khan Foundation. Says a source close to the actor, “It was a good decision as Salman has fetched a bigger amount for the same painting. Moreover, the funds will be sent to the Salman Khan Foundation, which will now be richer by one crore.”

Salman's father Salim Khan confirmed this deal. He says, “Yes, Salman has sold the same painting, which he had pulled out earlier. Though I am not aware of the exact amount it has fetched, or, who it is sold to, I know for sure that the amount has gone to Salman Khan Foundation. The NGO organises charity shows. It will benefit the needy that the foundation supports.”