Salman's wax statue worth Rs 1.62 crore

Author: Nishant A Bhuse Date: 09 Jan 2008

The actor’s wax figure, to be shortly unveiled at Madame Tussauds is worth £ 200,000

Salman Khan’s wax statue, complete with six-pack abs et al, to be unveiled by the actor at Madame Tussauds in London is worth £200,000. In Indian rupees that translates into roughly 1.62 crore. The statue took 12 weeks and five artistes to create.
Bobby Khan, CEO of Bobby Khan Holdings, who is a part of Madame Tussauds Mumbai confirms the development, adding, “Salman’s wax figure has a remarkable resemblance”.

Jeni Fairey, the sculptor who also immortalised SRK last year with Lisa Birtai, a hair -and-colour artist, flew down to Mumbai with their four-member crew for the actor’s measurements. Salman met the team and after a five-hour session, the team of photographers captured the real-life images of the actor.

Not bare-chested!

A source reveals, “Khan was very concerned about his six pack abs, during the measurements. He claimed that he was popularly known for his physique; apart from his sensuous eyes.”

The sculptors have also used special wax and silicon-like materials to give the six-pack abs and biceps a realistic look. The sculptors worked overtime to develop the accurate shape and size. Even though a lot of focus has been placed on his body, the actor’s wax replica will not be showcased bare-chested.

Careful with the hair

It is said that the eyeballs of the actor were replicated through laser technology and are specially designed on glass balls to give the real-life look.

The source adds, “Khan was also particular about his hairdo. When the the hair-and- colour artist was taking samples of the actor’s hair, Salman quipped, ‘Careful, that’s my rare and precious hair’.” The hairdo artistes took four weeks to insert beads of hair and five days to colour the hair on his wax figure.