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Bollywood extravaganza in Kuala Lumpur (8th December 2006)
Im still a kid, says Salman Khan (27th November 2006)
Reliance ADAG Launches (27th November 2006)
Be Safe, "says Salman Khan (7th November 2006)
Miss Universe has praise for Bollywood star Salman Khan (30th October 2006)
'Salman is very hot' (29th October 2006)
'I was forced to name Salman in poaching case' (14th September 2006)
Indian media defaming me: Salman Khan (1st Septemer 2006)
Rakhi Special : Salman Khan, the 'doting brother' (9th August 2006)
Biryani Time With Salman Khan (July 13th 2006)
Is Salman Khan unprofessional? A fan defends (14th June 2006)
Salman Khan to make up for SRKs absence at IIFA (9th June 2006)
Salman's a super hero (26th April 2006)
Salman Khan's popularity has not dented one bit (23rd April 2006)
Sohail KhanSalman Khan begins practice for 'Rockstars' (17th April 2006)
Is hunting punishable equally? (16th April 2006)
Exclusive Post release comments of Salman Khan (15th April 2006)
Outside jail, Salman wows fans on screen (13th April 2006)
Salman granted bail in poaching case (13th April 2006)
Court defers Salman's appeal of suspension of sentence (12th April 2006)
Salman Khan sentenced to five years imprisonment  (10th April 2006)
When Akshay whistled at Salman and Malaika! (29th March 2006)
Salman Khan visits Golden Temple (27th March 2006)
To my dearest Salman (24th March 2006)
Salman is an absolute doll for Kareena (3rd March 2006)
Celeb status has hurt Sallu: Tinsel town (18th February 2006)
Salman Khan sentenced to one year imprisonment (18th February 2006)
Salman news shocks Bollywood (17th February 2006)
Salman brightens kids' hospital day (17th February 2006)
Salman is a far cry from the way he is projected
Trial by media and double standards of society



Salman made their day.. (29th October 2005)
Kareena is very soft and subtle in Kyon Ki: Salman (14th October 2005)
"Who can stop me from playing Rama?" (8th December 2005)
"We love ice-cream, adore Salman Khan" (5th October 2005)
Working with Salman is an absolute pleasure: Bhumika (16th August 2005)
Preity, the talkaholic keeps us awake: Salman (16th August 2005)
Voice not Salman Khan's: forensic probe (17th September 2005)
Forensic Examination Clears Salman Of Threat Charge (17th September 2005)
Salman cleared in Aishwarya tape case (16th September 2005)
Indian media defaming me: Salman Khan (1st September 2005)
State tapped Salman Khan's phone (20th July 2005)
Bollywood star denies crime boast (14th July 2005)
Utha utha ke patka hain, usne mujhe! Salman (14th July 2005)
Salman Khan, Unleashed (13th July 2005)
When Salman shot Shahrukh (25th May 2005)
According to my sources, Salman was innocent (24th May 2005)
Sush unmasks Salman Khan (27th April 2005)
When Salman Khan turned into a cook! (23rd April 2005)
Salman curled his legs around mine  - Sneha Ullal (8th April 2005)
'Why is Everyone After my shirt' (7th April 2005)
'Salman does not put in 100% in a performance' (29th March 2005)
Salman Khan, on the rocks! (24th March 2005)
'I think Salman is really cute!' (23rd March 2005)
Salman gets Lucky (10th March 2005)
Mumbai marathon: All for a cause... (16th Janruary 2005)



Salman Khan shares grief with Mohnish (4th August 2004)



Shirt-doffing Khan flaunts the world's most expensive tie (1st November 2003)
Actor Khan charged over death (6th October 2003)
'Things I have done are blown out of proportion!' (3rd October 2003)
Salman's Sally (1st September 2003)
Salman: I'd do anything for those whom I care! (12th August 2003)
Salman wants to move ahead in life (8th August 2003)
No pain, all gain for Salman (15th July 2003)
Bipasha, Salman, Amisha storm New York (26th May 2003)
Salman steals the show at the IIFA extravaganza (18th May 2003)
Why I love Salman Khan (18th May 2003)
'Salman Khan is a soft target' (5th April 2003)
Salman Khan denies allegations (3rd April 2003)
Vivek Oberoi's allegations against Salman (2nd April 2003)





'The MAN With the Heart of Gold' (19th July 2001)
HERO IN BLUE JEANS (18th April 2001)
Film stars bowl cricketers over in benefit match for Kutch victims (28th February 2001)




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