Salman's interview to Deccan Chronicle( a newspaper in chennai and down south)

in an exclusive interview to chennai chronicle...........Salman said is the entire interview..

Despite being a Sunday, Binny Mills was bustling with activity as the climax of the Hindi remake of Pokkiri, which stars Salman Khan, was being shot there. The film which is being directed by Prabhu Deva, is untitled as of now. A host of stuntmen, who were being instructed by FEFSI Vijayan( action director of original Pokkiri), were rehearsing at a set erected nearby, which resembled a gangsterís adda. With his characteristic calmness, Salman Khan opened up to DC in an exclusive interview.

On working with Prabhu Deva
I know Prabhu Deva from long ago. In fact, I have worked with him on a few songs, which he choreographed. He is a confident director and as he comes from an acting background, he knows exactly what he wants and how he intends to shoot it. He is well aware of my strengths and capabilities.

The Challenge of dancing along side Prabhu Deva
(Pat comes the reply) I will try and do it much better than him! If I donít do it, heíll destroy himself. This is because as a director, he is supposed to extract the best from his leading man.

Reasons for not watching the Tamil or Telugu versions of Pokkiri
Well, once you see the original, you get stuck in a certain frame of mind. But I was keen on doing it in my own way. Hence I kept myself away from both the films.

About the North-south divide
Yes, there is a difference in terms of work culture. But I ensure that I follow the directorís instinct no matter where he comes from.

Salman Khan and controversies go hand in handÖ
I never pretend to be anything that I am not. In my opinion, itís the media that indulges in creating controversies. And they just do it to sell more copies. They think that a picture of Salman Khan on the cover, spiced up with some gossip is the recipe to increase their readership.

Life after prison
Yes, prison taught me many things. But now I believe that I am going in the right direction. In fact, I read The Ramayana during my stint there.

Price of stardom
I guess you have to pay a price for being a celebrity. But I have no complaints.

About his bicycle rides in Chennai
This time I have not moved about much! The last time around when I came to shoot for Priyadarshanís film, I used to travel by a bicycle in the morning from the hotel where I stayed in Nugambakkam to AVM Studios where I was shooting.

The Chennai connection
I like the quiet life ó typical of Chennai and very unlike Mumbai. Here everything winds up by midnight. After this I either watch TV or do painting in my room. Sometimes I also go to the gym to workout. This kind of lifestyle gives me enough time to relax as well. As for my Chennai connection, I have done two films with Sridevi and now Iím doing a film with her husband Boney Kapoor ó thatís all!

About not preferring to act in other languages
(Giggles) Who said I act? I donít just act I live my role. Until Iím not proficient with a certain language, I do not want to venture into those films.

About his favourite actress down south
(Pat comes the reply) First ask me about the actor. It is only Rajnikanth ó he is great.

About his association with Rajni
I do not know him very well, except when I spent 4-5 days with Rajni at the Jumma Chumma show. Do you have to know Gandhiji to call him Mahatma? Similarly, Rajni is great and genuine. The best part is that he is the same person both on-screen as well as off-screen.

On Being a private person
(His tone acquires an assertive note) Yes, I am a private person and I have got my set of friends with whom I am very open.