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When Salman and Govinda ragged David Dhawan (22nd July 2008)
Govinda, David Dhawan rock Salman's 10 Ka Dum (22nd July 2008)
10 Ka Dum with Govinda & David Dhawan (Video) (22nd July 2008)
Salman Khan Hugged And Kissed On '10 Ka Dum' (Video) (19th July 2008)
Hard Workers On '10 Ka Dum' (Video) (17th July 2008)
Salman Khan meets his look alike (17th July 2008)
Promo of DKD episode with Govinda and David Dhawan (Video) (16th July 2008)
Long wait in rain for date with star
Fans, wannabe crorepatis queue up from 3am for 10 Ka Dum auditions
(15th July 2008)
Salman Khan takes Sony to 3rd spot (14th July 2008)
I love it when people win money on the show: Salman (14th July 2008)
Sallu says no to leather jackets (14th July 2008)
Mr Congeniality (14th July 2008)
Percentages sky rocket as Salman meets Aamir... (13th July 2008)
Aamir Khan rakes in the moolah for Dus Ka Dum (11th July 2008)
Gender no Problem, says Sallu mia... (11th July 2008)
Aankh Mare Oh Salman (11th July 2008)
'The sequel has to be a worthy successor' (9th July 2008)
Catching Salman Khan in action! (9th July 2008)
Salman Dances To The Tunes (8th July 2008)
Salman,aamir win hearts together (5th July 2008)
Salman Khan changed the shooting schedule of Dus Ka Dum to afternoon to attend the premiere of Jaane Tu... (4th July 2008)
Aamir Khan meets Salman Khan on Dus Ka Dum (5th July 2008)
Shah Rukh on Salman’s ‘10 Ka Dum' (2nd July 2008)
Aamir does a mock rehearsal with Salman Khan before playing 10 Ka Dum (1st July 2008)
Aamir & Salman reiterate their magic!! (30th June 2008)
Jab Aamir and Salman met (30th June 2008)
Salman Khan's 'Dum' pulls Sony to third spot (12th June 2008)


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