Salmanmania Birthday Deed 2008 (Write up by Moimeme)

This year again the members of Salman Mania forum contributed donations to Being Human, the Salman Khan Foundation, to celebrate Salman’s birthday on December 27.  Our target this year was to collect one lakh rupees, or Rs. 100,000.  We also thought of writing a birthday book for Salman, to let the members communicate directly with him, giving him not only their birthday wishes, but anything else they wanted to tell him.

With a lot of dedicated effort on several people’s part, both goals were achieved.  In fact, we collected more than Rs. 100,000, so that we could give the excess to St. Anthony’s Age Care Home, as we have done for the past two years.

This year the effort was particularly meaningful for me, because I was going to be in India during December, and so I had a chance to participate in the birthday deed along with Snehal and Saurabh.  What follows is an account of the delivery of the birthday gifts to Salman from my perspective.







Birthday Deeds 2008