Salman Khan Mania

Salman The Person
Interviewer:  Could you describe the essence of Salman Khan the person in one line?
Salman Khan:  You keep pushing me down all the time, and I will stand up again.

The basic facts of Salman Khan's life are well-known and easy to establish. He was born on December 27, 1965, to Salma and Salim Khan (the noted scriptwriter), the eldest of five siblings.  He has two brothers and two sisters.

He is close to all his family, and cites his father and mother as his role models.While he acknowledges his public role as an actor and film star, he believes his personal life to be a private matter. We shall respect his wish for privacy.

He is loyal and helpful to his friends. Whether it is coming to their aid in a crisis (Diya Mirza, Sushmita Sen), or helping them by lending his name and presence to their films free of charge(Saawan - the Love Season, Phir Milenge), Salman is ever ready. But his rescue efforts are not limited to his friends, or even acquaintances.Total strangers have benefited from his selfless acts, such as when he rescued two boys who were involved in an automobile accident just outside his house, as well as many othersTypically, he declined any publicity, or even credit, merely saying it was his duty as a citizen to help.  His generosity is wide and extensive, though not publicized, at his wish.  However, some times those who have benefited by his generosity come forward of their own volition, usually when the negative media frenzy reaches a fever pitch.  Thus, three organizations which have praised Salman for his ongoing support for their work are Cancer Patients Aid Association, Make a Wish Foundation, and Ashray (which works with children and women infected with AIDS).

Sometimes, Salman does use the power of his celebrity status to help organizations, and to publicize causes he believes in.  He is a spokesman  for DEEDS, an organization helping hearing-impaired people, and for St. Anthony's Old Age Home, and for AIDS awareness, participating in World AIDS Day events and special fashion shows to promote AIDS testing.

A new interest of Salman's is painting.  He recently donated some of his paintings for a charity auction to raise funds for educating deprived children.   He has a special affinity for children, especially children with any kind of health issues or mental or physical challenges, and supports many other organizations working with such children, such as the Committed Communities Development Trust and the Children Welfare Centre High School.

He has just announced the formation of the Salman Khan Foundation, Being Human which will help those in need of medical treatment or any other health related issue. He started the foundation by donating the 50 lakhs of prize money he won as a celebrity guest on Kaun Banega Crorepati on April 19, 2007.  He plans to finance the Foundation through sales of his paintings.

On the legal front, Salman has two charges which are currently under trial.  One is the charge of reckless driving in which one person was killed and four others injured when they were run over by Salman's car. Salman has pleaded not guilty in the case, and stated that he wasn't driving when the accident happened.  The other is several cases on poaching charges, all stemming from two incidents of allegedly hunting  protected species.  Again Salman has pleaded not guilty in these cases. He was convicted of poaching in two of those cases, and the decisions are currently under appeal.  The third case, involving several other actors, is still under trial.